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 The Rules! (Please read before posting)

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Queen of Hearts

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PostSubject: The Rules! (Please read before posting)   Mon Sep 28, 2009 8:41 pm

1. No nude pictures or links to sites that contain nudity

2. Respect other people's opinions.

3. No abusive posting or arguing with other members

4. No abusive personal messages

5. Before starting a thread please make sure no other such thread exists on this forum

6. The size that is acceptable for signatures is 550X200 Also with text signatures please make sure you use no more than 6 lines.

7. When posting pictures please make sure they are no wider than 640px. If you wish to post a larger image please post a link for it instead

8. Absolutely no file sharing

9. Have fun, that is what you're here for

10. We don't mind if you fucking swear, but please do not go over the top and make every other word a swear word.

11. Double posting: The edit button is your friend, and please wait a realistic amount of time before bumping a thread.

12. If you would like to give "blessings" to someone, PM me with the who, why, and how much and they will be added ASAP.

13. Try to keep posts at more than one word. (This does not include Game threads)

14. Double check your posts before posting. If they really didn't need to be said to get your point across (i.e: a Smile), then try to refrain from posting them.

15. I know some people aren't used to it, but please, please, please try to use decent grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your posts. I'm not saying be completely professional with it, especially since English isn't the first language for a lot of us... But pots taht r alwys talking lyk thiss can get a bit annoying for those of us who have to read all the posts every day.

16. Double accounts are absolutely NEVER permitted. If I find two accounts posting from the same IP address, BOTH accounts will be banned, and I will take note of the IP addresses.

17. A strike system is being enforced. I will give you a strike when I find it necessary; this can include verbally attacking people in the threads, harassing others anywhere on the forum, constantly going off topic, etc. If you find my giving you a strike to be unfair, feel free to take it up with me and state your case, but I guarantee nothing.
Three strikes and your out--at least for a month.


Rule #1: If it annoys you, kill it.
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The Rules! (Please read before posting)
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